«Report or you will be reported»

On 12 September, a «Report or you will be reported» workshop took place in the Swiss Finance Museum in collaboration with the Center for Corporate Reporting. The event was sponsored by Management Digital Data (MDD). Two compelling keynotes introduced participants to the dimensions and consequences of alternative data sources, and were followed by interesting and informative discussions.

Key messages were:

  • For analysts, starting point is still the corporate report, beside 74 other sources.
  • Focus on your value drivers and be consistent.
  • XBRL is the source for investors even they don‘t know it.

Investors are increasingly using alternative data sources to assess companies. But how informative is this data? A total of 30 participants explored this question on 12 September. The venue for this exciting workshop was the Swiss Finance Museum in the SIX building in Zurich. The museum lived up to its reputation as an innovative and modern space. Phil Fitz-Gerald, Director of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC, London) explained how companies can retain ownership of their story through reporting when there is increasing amount of external data available to investors. He provided also insights into a research on this topic. The subsequent talk by Lucas Bruggeman, Partner and Head of Sales and Marketing at Sentifi AG, explored the connection between large amounts of data and decision-making. Supported by live demonstrations, the potential effects for a company and its evaluation were discussed. The interesting panel discussion, in which both the participants and presenters took part, formed the perfect conclusion. Armin Galliker, CEO and owner of MDD, highlighted the importance of efficient and reliable data creation processes to enable companies to articulate timely and generate value with their reporting before others do it for them. The drinks and dinner reception that followed then provided time for networking. In conclusion: the workshop was a resounding success. Guests did better understand how companies are affected by the ever-increasing data-jungle from alternative data-sources.

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