MDD. A laboratory for the future of reporting.

When you first step foot on MDD's premises, you are surprised by the clarity and concentration that pervades here. Your first impression: Nothing happens here by accident. Work steps are undertaken here that demand one's full attention. Almost as if you were in a research laboratory. Of course, when developing production systems for financial reporting and the services associated with that, the focus is on figures, precision and reliability. Talking to the employees only confirms your first impression. Everyone knows that precision creates trust. The lifeline of MDD, which makes it easy for customers, is to continuously further develop the collaboration and to grow together over a long time.

We are MDD. Success comes from the team.

Hernan Bouza
Product Owner
Brian Büchi
Project Management
Patricia Cleopazzo
Marketing & Communications
Armin Galliker
CEO and owner
Vivianne Gilliéron
Project Management
Daniel Hitz
Project Management
Luzia Kasper
Project Management
Juan Machado
System Engineering
Jasmin Mathys
Project Management
Matias Miranda
Fabio Negro
Chief Operating Officer
Lorena Pacheco
Scrum Master
Cornelia Pegoraro
HR & Backoffice / Management Assistant
Adrian Rüede
Quality and Testing
Jürg Schneider
Project Management
Daniel Sidler
ICT & Security
Nadine Stäheli
Project Management
Josefina Wyss
Backoffice / Marketing & Communications

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