One platform, endless benefits.

Complete consistency, complete flexibility, complete control. From one single data source, you can generate the report as a PDF, generate the ESEF filing in iXBRL format, or generate the online version. In doing so, the MDD platform offers optimised and secure processes. Maintain your contents centrally at one location (single source of truth) and import these contents into different reports and output formats. Thanks to the MDD Platform, you can meet new regulatory requirements, such as ESEF, both today and in the future, using a familiar process and minimal additional effort or expense.

The process. Once onboarded, less manual work required.


The initial step and configuration.


Importing the latest figures, data and facts.

02.Interdisciplinary collaboration.

Absolute reliability thanks to the central storage of data.


Inform different target groups at the same time.

04.Roll forward.

Reduce the number of manual tasks for follow-up reports.

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MDD Service.

Growing together, step-by-step.

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