A tailwind for communication departments and agencies.

The future is digital. That is not just a statement – it is reality. Digitalisation is changing our lives, the content of our communication, and how we collaborate. The digitalisation of the creation processes for reporting means simplifying your daily life. MDD offers you the technical platform and expertise to allow you to take a decisive step into the future.

If you take a closer look at the layout process for a report, for example, there are sections that are continuously repeated and sections that occur just once. With digital reporting from MDD, all of this repetitive work can be standardised and, as a result, automated: With your creative area of expertise, you buy time to concentrate on what is important and on what makes your corporate reporting unique.

Concentrated on your area of expertise.

With MDD, in future, you will be able to concentrate on the design and dissemination of your key messages, entirely independently from the financial data. Focusing on your skills makes the entire creation process easier. For communication departments, agencies, designers, and creative staff, this means that the processes are streamlined and, at the same time, represents a great opportunity for the future.

Benefits for working practice in digital reporting.

  • Concentrate on areas of expertise
    Concentrate on the design, format and contents. The communicative focus and key messages of each report can be developed independently from the financial data.
  • Complete overview
    The layouts of all publication formats are developed and supported by the agency or MDD Service for InDesign layouts and for online reports.
  • Strengthen your expertise
    If required, you can benefit from the MDD Service and from the expertise of discerning MDD layout specialists.
  • Simple processing
    Bringing together contents and layouts on the MDD Platform allows for easy processing for all those involved.
  • Individual templates
    Templates can offer cost savings: We individualise existing templates in accordance with your corporate design, or create new templates especially for your company.
  • Online reports
    As part of online reporting, the key messages that are particularly important to you can be showcased. This is how the key messages are interactively brought to life.
  • Full transparency
    The texts for your reports are created using Word files, irrespective of the publication format. Automatic versioning allows for full transparency and also means that different versions can be compared with each other.
  • Consistent contents
    Thanks to the MDD Platform, contents can be linked effortlessly – to texts, graphics and illustrations. The content remains consistent.


Focused cooperation. Work with different partners interdisciplinary to create a company report.

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