Online Reporting Parallel creation and simultaneous publication.

Depending on the requirement and using intuitive linking, the user selects which contents they would like to find out more about. The online report offers an individual, explorative reading experience. With the online report, your data and facts are optimally prepared in accordance with your own corporate design.

The online reporting concept is made up of two main components: The landing page and the online reader. The landing page brings the contents to life – using images, videos, analysis instruments and much more. With the MDD Reader and its responsive design, you can consolidate all of the contents across the reports using just a smartphone or tablet.

Intelligent linking for your individual reading experience.

What are the strengths of an online report?

  • Easy to read
    Thanks to the intelligent linking, the reader can find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Always available
    You can call up and read online publications at any time from your smartphone or tablet – even if you are out and about.
  • Skim-reading
    Thanks to the cross-referencing across all reports that are published online, the user can quickly find out the most important information from various reports, focus on a particular topic and compare information.
  • Everything on the same platform
    The MDD Platform is the central platform for creating online reports.
  • Depth of information
    With the online report, all of the required contents can be incorporated in parallel and with no additional effort required from the author. Individual content can also be published online only, which saves you printing costs. You get to specify the depth of information.
  • Download pages
    The reports can be provided as a PDF at any time.
  • Archive function
    All of a company's reports are available with a clear layout.
  • Other publications
    You can use the functionality of the MDD Online Reporting Platform for other publications, such as financial analyses or accounting manuals.
  • Investor relations app
    Online reports can be incorporated into an investor relations app.
  • Future-proof
    The future of online reports has only just begun. You can start to develop your online reports at any time, based on your own requirements.


XBRL is fully integrated in the MDD Platform. Digitally create, check and compare financial data in XBRL.

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