Security and infrastructure. Made in Switzerland.

To create your corporate reporting, we have to handle sensitive data. We are fully aware of this. For this reason, the MDD infrastructure is hosted entirely and exclusively in a Swiss data centre. The technologies that are used are constantly updated and MDD passes on the advantages that result from this directly to you.

We offer the MDD Platform as a Software as a Service (SaaS). As the customer, you can choose between "Shared" and "Dedicated". "Shared" means that individual functions of the platform are located on shared servers and protected against any unauthorised processing – the databases are always separated from each other. "Dedicated" means that physically separate servers are used. All of the functions and databases are located on the MDD infrastructure in Swisscom data centres.

The security-related advantages of the MDD Platform in detail.

MDD complies with the highest Swiss security standards in order to meet their own requirements.

  • Two-factor authentication
    As with online banking, users log in by proving their identity using two mutually independent components: For example, PC and mobile phone.
  • Two data centres
    The data centres are located in two completely different sites. The data is compared between the data centres in five-minute cycles. If either of the centres fails, the other can simply step in – without any data being lost.
  • Access control
    Only authorised persons can enter the premises and access the technical systems.
  • Firewall
    The network and firewall design guarantee the highest level of security against attacks.
  • All-flash
    In contrast to conventional HDDs, all-flash storage allows for extremely fast write and read access, backups and disaster recovery. You benefit from a high level of data security thanks to comprehensive backups.
  • Proactive monitoring
    Proactive internal and external monitoring eliminate possible problems before they become serious faults and allow maximum up-time.

MDD Service.

Growing together, step-by-step.

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