Layouting design.

Digitalisation offers an excellent opportunity if we take advantage of the benefits it offers in order to achieve our goals. When it comes to implementing print layouts, this means less laborious work for creative individuals, who can then concentrate more on their creative freedom. You create the layout concept for the reporting in line with the corporate design. MDD Service takes on the task of setting this up on the MDD Platform.

You define who supports the creation process for the reporting on the platform. The tasks in the creation process can be split between your layout agency and MDD. The creation of reports can optimise the implementation processes for existing jobs: From an organisational and economical point of view and with regard to time.

Creative individuals are in charge of creating the layouts. Reporting specialists provides content such as texts, tables and data. MDD takes on the technical configuration of the system, and offers technical support.

What you need to know about designing the print layout

  • Layout partner
    When creating the reports, MDD sees itself as a service and layout partner, and provides you with support whenever you need it, at every stage of the development.
  • Inserting additional information
    During the layout process on the MDD Platform, additional information in the form of new content, graphics, tables or diagrams can be added via MDD Service.
  • Creating language versions
    Upon request, MDD Service can adapt the layout for other language versions.
  • Standardising reports
    We can adapt your subsequent reports, such as Pillar III, Solvency II, etc., based on the layout of your main report. This saves you the trouble of developing additional layouts.

XBLR filing.

MDD - your partner for technically implementing XBLR.

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