Online Report.

Interactive reading provides your stakeholders with an individual reading experience. The online report allows you to display interactive figures, data and facts. The reader selects the contents and decides where and how they want to intuitively immerse themselves in the topics. MDD works with the agency Konoma to develop concepts for online reports and then makes these available to you. The MDD Service happily provides you with further details about this.

Online reports expand the opportunities for future-oriented report creation and, at the same time, make financial data more accessible. For example, selected content areas on the landing page for the online report can be communicated, providing an easy starting point for the topic. In parallel to this, the comprehensive information, figures and data can be made intuitively accessible thanks to the MDD Reader. These are just a few of the ways in which the online report can be used.

Three partners with whom you work to develop the online reporting for your stakeholders.

What you need to know about the online report service.

  • Conception
    Based on your individual needs, MDD and Konoma design a concept for your online report. How interactive do you want it to be? To save on printing costs, do you want selected content to only be available online in the future?
  • Development
    Working with Konoma, we can either develop your online reports from scratch or offer you individualised, cost-effective templates.
  • Support
    The online report is looked after by the MDD Team in parallel to other potential publication formats, is maintained on the MDD Platform, and is then ready for simultaneous publication.
  • App
    Do you communicate with your stakeholders using your own app? We would be happy to incorporate your online report into this, meaning that all of the information is intuitively available to you at any time in a responsive design on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Accounting manuals
    You can also benefit from the advantages of online reports for other internal or external publications. We will gladly support you as you develop possible scenarios for: Online dashboards, internal financial analyses, online accounting manuals or other publications.

Layout design.

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