XBRL filing.

Has the supervisory authority requested that you deliver your reports in the XBRL digital output format? If this has brought you out in a cold sweat, then we are here for you. As the only XBRL filer in Switzerland, MDD can offer you comprehensive support and in-depth expertise.

XBRL is a machine-readable file format that is increasingly becoming the standard for reports. When your data is prepared in order to digitally create reports on the MDD Platform, this also opens the door for a complete XBRL implementation. In this way, you increase the security of your processes and, by working with MDD, benefit from the expertise of a partner who has been creating XBRL-based reports since XBRL was introduced at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Consultants offer their expertise in the taxonomy standards, develop the guidelines for building taxonomies, and check the tagging. MDD takes on the technical implementation of the creation process, and submits the reports to the supervisory authority once they have been approved.

What do you get with XBRL filing and support?

  • Cooperation
    Step 1. In cooperation with your financial advisor, we develop the taxonomy concept and create guidelines on how to design the taxonomy trees. As the customer, you have the requisite expertise regarding your internal reporting to then check these proposals. If these are accepted, MDD builds the taxonomy in the software.
  • XBRL-Tagging
    Step 2. The key data that has been prepared in the run-up to publication is now added, along with labels and the XBRL tags. This takes place on the MDD Platform, which is the central database. This means that you can be absolutely certain that the XBRL publication format contains the same figures as the online report or PDF.
  • Control
    Step 3. An XBRL and a PDF can be created at any time for checking.
  • Publication
    Step 4. Once the reports have been inspected and approved once, MDD then submits them to the supervisory authority.
  • SEC
    MDD guarantees an EDGAR-compliant XBRL-filing for the SEC. (United States Securities and Exchange Commission).

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