Publication Formats

With our Multi-Channel reporting approach the choice is yours

You get to pick and chose how you want to publish your corporate report. Whether it be as a PDF, digitally, as a website, or as a fully compliant iXBRL document. Create reports to satisfy the needs of your stakeholders.

Single source production

Parallel creation and simultaneous publication

 MDD Digital Report
  • Responsive and interactive output prepared with our online editor
  • Bring contents to life with images, video/audio and moving graphics
  • Intelligent search and linking solution for an informative, modern and transparent UX
  • Provide a downloadable PDF anytime
MDD PDF Report
  • Traditional on/offline report in a PDF format
  • Individual and flexible design in line with your company's corporate design
  • Secure process
MDD Regulatory Report
  • Fully compliant with all regulatory requirements 
  • XBRL or iXBRL 
  • Look and feel of a digital report



Client Reference

Credit Suisse expands use of Platform

Credit Suisse is benefitting from the advantages of the MDD Platform

Further expanding their use of the MDD Platform and, in addition to the annual corporate reporting, Credit Suisse is also publishing their code of conduct on our solution.