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With our broad industry know-how and over 20-years of experience in the corporate reporting industry, we accompany our clients in establishing their digital reporting processes. 

We are XBRL certified and have the machine-readable format completely integrated into the platform. 

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You are responsible for publishing your company’s corporate reports and are looking for a more cost effective and reliable process? Or you are part of a team tasked with creating its contents and are looking to cut down on the production time and be able to store working documents in one place? Whether you are a global player or a local hero, MDD offers the right reporting solutions for you.


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Successful projects are the best recommendation. MDD has worked with most of their customers for many years. Over 90% of our clients recommend using the MDD platform in the reporting process.


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Corporate Reporting

Corporate Reporting Monitor 2021: Our view on the results

A few weeks ago, the Center for Corporate Reporting published the Corporate Reporting Monitor 2021. This is the third year in a row this international study focused on corporate reporting was published. It sheds lights on the priorities of public companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.