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MDD for short – your preferred partner when it comes to digitalizing and automating financial and non-financial reports

Simply explained

Our solution

Complete consistency, flexibility, and control. Creating a space where you and your team can manage your working documents in one single location. Publish your corporate report as a searchable PDF, an interactive website or with (i)XBRL tags with just the click of a mouse.

We are XBRL certified and have the machine-readable format completely integrated into the platform.

Whom we serve

Is this you?

You are responsible for publishing your company’s corporate reports and are looking for a more cost effective and reliable process? Or you are part of a team tasked with creating its contents and are looking to cut down on the production time and be able to store working documents in one place? Whether you are a global player or a local hero, MDD offers the right reporting solutions for your team.


Are numbers your thing?

You are looking for a space where all financial numbers can be stored and edited in one place. 

Marketing and Communications

Long term brand growth for the win!

Your goal is to have a platform where all content in regards to corporate report can be edited, re-edited and published with the click of a mouse.

Investor Relations

Looking for new investors?

In a corporate report you are looking to strategically place your KPI's in order to satisfy your investors' demands.

Sustainability and ESG

There's no planet B.

You are tasked with integrating or establishing a sustainability report within your company's corporate reporting space. 

Legal and Compliance

You can rap to the latest regulatory requirements.

By having a platform where all legal documents are stored in one place you save time making sure your company is fully compliant with today's regulatory requirements. 


Linking A with B.

You've been tasked by a public corporation to execute and put together their corporate report and are looking for a place to store, edit and manage all necessary documents. 


United in trust

What our clients say

Successful projects are the best recommendation. MDD has worked with most of their customers for many years. Over 90% of our clients recommend using the MDD platform in the reporting process.