Credit Suisse is benefiting from the advantages of the MDD Platform

Credit Suisse is further expanding their use of the MDD Platform and is now also publishing their code of conduct on our solution. In this article, you will find out which advantages this offers CS as well as what their Head of Digital Experience & Marketing, and Head Strategic Brand Management, think about our concept.


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Multi-channel function as a key factor

In these times of digital transformation, it is no longer sufficient to choose one publication format. The reader's demands are increasing. These days, corporate information that needs to reach all employees across the world must be provided as soon as possible in all of the relevant languages and on various channels. The efficient and secure creation process for multilingual publications in different formats is the key success factor for the MDD Platform. It is precisely this multi-channel capability that our customers value and, as becomes clear with the example of Credit Suisse, is also increasingly being used for other publications. 

"Our objective is to ensure that all of the online content can also be easily read from a mobile device. Thanks to the responsive design that is guaranteed by the MDD Platform, we achieve this goal efficiently and provides a better user experience to our readers." says Andrea Bargetzi, Head of Digital Experience & Marketing at Credit Suisse.

Best Practice Credit Suisse, the code of conduct

The new code of conduct for Credit Suisse has a sparkling new design and is no longer published only as a PDF on the website – it can now be read online on a mobile phone or laptop and has a responsive design. This should make it easier for CS employees to access the company's ethical standards and common values.  

"MDD is a reliable partner for implementing these projects, which are usually time-critical, and delivers first-class quality. The platform is used by a wide range of departments and, when it comes to functionality, intuitive maintenance of content and user experience, it is highly valued," says Jo-Wayne Peacock, Head of Branding at Credit Suisse.


One process, one database

The key advantage of our approach to multi-channel reporting lies in the existence of one single database. Once the process has been defined, it can be applied to various publications and formats. Thanks to this multi-channel capability, the MDD Platform can provide both printed and digital formats, which also makes translation management, which would otherwise be an arduous task, much easier. 


Intuitive reading experience and uniform design

The MDD Reader not only makes it possible to interactively reproduce numbers, data and facts; in this case, it also guarantees an intuitive reading experience for the contents of the code of conduct as well as the values and practices that the code includes. The design for the code of conduct is adapted based on the corporate design and the existing online reports, and therefore guarantees a uniform design across all of the company's divisions. 

We would like to thank Credit Suisse for their trust in us, and we look forward to impressing them with the MDD Platform in other areas too. 

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