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An MDD Event in cooperation with the Center for Corporate Reporting

Lets recap

The requirements and the complexity of sustainability reporting is constantly changing and the number of questions on how to properly implement them is growing.

During this event our guests were able to discover and discuss insights about this burning topic. 

In his keynote, Arne VilmarSenior Manager at Deloitte, focused on the new era of sustainability reporting. The European Union drives an ambitious transformation of corporate sustainability reporting with the goal of directing capital flows towards sustainable activities. 

Claudia Holfert and Bjarne Bath-Albertini from SIX Group provided insights into their corporate practice and what opportunities and challenges they face surrounding these topics. Julian Osborne, Founder and CEO at Pelt8 completed the circle of speakers. 


Key Take-Aways


The Development of a sustainability reporting system. From financial year 2021, affected companies have to disclose the sustainability performance of their activities in terms of turnover, Capex and Opex (EU Taxonomy) and from financial year 2024 on other sustainability information (CSRD). 



Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). From 2024, the group of companies subject to reporting requirements that must publish audited sustainability information in the management report will be expanded. 



Staggered introduction of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) by 2026. 

  • Companies of public interest: > € 40 million sales revenue, > 500 employees 
  • Large companies: EU subsidiaries, 250 employees
  • Capital market-oriented SME's: reporting delays until 2028



Navigate the jungle by staying on sight. Check what already exists within the company, such as strategy, frameworks, standards, audits. Identify the reporting gaps, combine reports if necessary in order to meet the CSRD requirements and last but not least, prepare your reports for tagging.  



Manage your sustainability data with the use of a platform or dedicated infrastructure in order to create your own sustainability ecosystem. 


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