How to navigate Switzerland's Climate Reporting Ordinance

Ready or not, Switzerland is raising the bar on corporate transparency and sustainability efforts with its imminent climate reporting ordinance. In this blog, we'll highlight six key aspects of the upcoming ordinance and how we can assist your company in navigating this transformation.

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Switzerland is entering into a new era of corporate transparency and sustainability with its climate reporting ordinance. This groundbreaking legislation affects companies in various ways, from reporting formats to the risk of substantial fines for non-compliance. However, there's no need to face this challenge alone. MDD is here to guide you through the intricacies of this ordinance and ensure that your company is well-prepared to meet its requirements. As the business landscape evolves, understanding and adapting to these changes is crucial.


1. Did you know? 

As of January 1, 2024, a new climate reporting ordinance will enter into force in Switzerland?

How can we help?
MDD's experienced team is ready to help you set up your reporting process, ensuring your company meets the new requirements.



2. Did you know

The new climate reporting ordinance requires companies to publish their report not only in a
human-, but also in a machine-readable format.

How can we help?
Our MDD Platform with fully integrated XBRL simplifies this requirement, effortlessly generating both human and machine-readable reports with just the click of a mouse.



3. Did you know?

That the climate reporting ordinance in Switzerland affects companies with over 250 full-time employees, total assets of 20 million Swiss Francs, and revenues of 40 million Swiss Francs? In Switzerland, approximately 300 companies will be impacted.

It's important to note that the reporting obligation applies if these thresholds are met for two consecutive years.

How can we help?
We offer you a secure platform where your team can collaborate effortlessly, ensuring your reporting requirements are met, regardless of your company's size or growth.



4. Did you know?

In a press release published in September 2023 (DE Version available only), the Federal Council communicated the key parameters for the consultation basis, stating that the report must be reviewed by an external auditor?

How can we help?
In today’s world, compliance is essential to maintain transparency and trust. Our reporting platform streamlines the auditing process, guaranteeing accuracy, compliance, and peace of mind for your climate reporting requirements.



5. Did you know?

Failing to publish a climate report or not adhering to the requirements could result in fines of up to CHF 100,000.

How can we help?
Our platform is not only cost-effective but once you have onboarded all of your information it also allows you to effortlessly roll forward information to the next reporting period, saving your team valuable time and money



6. Did you know?

Even though the ordinance takes effect on January 1, 2024, affected companies will need to publish their first climate report in 2025.

How can we help?
Preparation is key to meet this deadline! With our state-of-the-art platform and dedicated project managers, we guarantee that you will be ready to publish your climate report by the required date. We are ready for you.


Switzerland's Climate Reporting Ordinance represents a significant shift in corporate transparency and sustainability. Compliance is essential to maintaining transparency and trust, and MDD is your trusted partner in this journey.

Don't hesitate to reach out for any questions or support. Whether you need assistance with reporting formats, compliance, or project management, MDD is here to ensure your smooth transition into this new era of corporate responsibility. Procrastination isn't the answer on this one. Get ready now and schedule a discovery call with Fabio today.

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