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Last year the pension fund of SIX Group published its annual report with our digital platform. We spoke with Carina Kunz, Head Pension Fund at SIX Group and asked her about the project and why they chose to use a digital platform to publish their annual report. Read the answers to our questions, including the reaction of our Project Management below. 

Why did SIX Group decide to use a digital platform to create the annual report and what has changed since the transformation?

Carina Kunz: "MDD’s concept convinced us from the get-go as one is able to publish a reader-friendly report with little effort. With the platform we are able to work simultaneously and were therefore able to heighten our efficiency. Duplications can easily be prevented and due to the great cockpit and every amendment can be retraced or reversed. Not only has this has massively simplified our corporate reporting process but it also substantially increased the level of quality. In addition we saved a lot of time in regards to the layout process."


What did your reporting process look like before working with a digital platform? 

Carina Kunz: "Before working with a digital platform our corporate reports were based and created in an excel document. This lead to an inefficient and time consuming layouting process. Due to the very heavy file, mostly caused by external links, the error quota is sky-high. Even the text was saved in an excel document and now with a word document it is much easier to edit, track and spell check it."


What was the feedback of the involved employees?

Carina Kunz: "We have received very positive feedback from the involved employees. The platform is user friendly and the fundamentals are built intuitively and can be learned quickly. With the well prepared training and support by MDD the introduction to the platform took less time than internally anticipated. The MDD project management always answered our questions and solved our problems in a timely manner – sometimes even on weekends!"

MDD Project Management: "Similar to the Team at the Cantonal Bank of Uri – read more about their story here - the SIX pension fund team worked very independently during the production of their annual report. The training as well as the many tips we provided were sincerely appreciated and implemented. With the digitalization of the report production process the SIX team furthered their efficiency, reduced the error rate and worked together more effectively." 


"After having seen what the platform can do and how it has heightened efficiency, Carina Kunz wishes that they would have taken advantage of the initial investment a lot earlier. Presenting the time savings as well as the result to the pension board is something they should have done a long time ago", says Carina Kunz after being asked what she tells someone who isn’t using a digital platform to publish reports. 


We would like to thank Carina from the SIX Group pension fund for the interview. We strive to make our platform better every day and we are flattered to hear that we are making our clients’ reporting process more efficient, cost-effective and less time consuming. We very much look forward to future projects with the SIX Group pension fund.

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