How Uruguay shaped the development of MDD

Dive into the evolution of MDD as we venture through generations of innovation. From Switzerland to the shores of Uruguay, witness how strategic shifts and a quest for perfection led to a dynamic partnership. 




With a diverse and dedicated team of experts, discover how their collective brilliance has propelled the MDD platform forward. 

The Transformation: From Switzerland to Uruguay

Generations one through three of the MDD platform were developed with partners in Switzerland. Strategic considerations such as having more control over the development team, and increased flexibility in planning led MDD to seek new ways for the development of the next generation. 

In 2015 Montevideo already had a good reputation as a software development hub in South America. "Additionally, as a family we longed to fulfill our dream and move to Uruguay. Being my wife’s home country we had been vacationing there the last 15 years" Armin Galliker enthuses about his home by the sea.

In 2016, the 4th generation of the platform was planned and implemented in Uruguay with an addition of a partner company. Since 2020, the development and maintenance of the platform have been 100% in the hands of MDD Uruguay.

Today, the team in Uruguay consists of four developers and an ICT specialist. Five excellent experts forming a strong team.


MDD Summit in Mallorca with entire Team

Meet Team MDD UY

One of the most experienced developers is Hernan Bouza, the product owner at MDD, who has been working on the MDD platform for eight years. He spent the first few years at the partner company in Uruguay before joining MDD three years ago. The 40-year-old is the driving force and leader of the development team, and he greatly enjoys learning new things from customers and platform users on a daily basis. As well as analyzing and implementing feedback.

Working alongside Hernan for more than six years now is Lorena Pacheco, who also joined the company three years ago. The 30-year-old has a degree in computer science engineering from Universidad Catolica del Uruguay. Privately, she is an avid Pokemon fan and has never lost her fascination with the animated characters over the years. At MDD, Lorena is responsible for the platform's frontend. Her greatest motivation is the constant drive to optimize the platform and processes and improve its user-friendliness.

Matias Miranda has been with MDD for nearly two years. Analyzing, designing, and implementing new developments in the frontend and backend. A fun fact about Matias is his fascination with the character and films of Harry Potter. In his free time, he produces mini-computer games for his friends. The 31-year-old studied economics, fine arts and computer science and is committed to making the processes for new developments even more efficient.

Juan Machado, a trained computer engineer, joined MDD almost three years ago. Juan brings many years of experience and is responsible for the IT infrastructure in the day-to-day operations at MDD. He greatly appreciates that MDD always embraces new technologies. Juan is learning German to better understand his colleagues in Zurich. Like all the other colleagues, the 35-year-old works a lot from home. The advantage of this is that he always has his two dogs around, which he greatly enjoys.

Nicolas Stummo is the architect of the MDD platform mainly focusing on the backend side. He has been working on it for the last five years before joining MDD officially a year ago. The 33-year-old is a fan of hacker films from the 90s and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, which he watches at least once a year. Nicolas is looking forward to the challenges that the XBRL topic will bring in the coming years. He is convinced that the platform and the team are already well-prepared for them.

Carolina Saralegui joined the team most recently. She is responsible for Quality and Testing. Over the last years she has been teaching kids on robotics and app development. As a huge Mario and Wonderboy fan, she has always been interested in everything technology related.
Carolina speaks German, English and Spanish. For her it has been great to conjoined both developer’s teams in Uruguay and in Switzerland. As a mother of three young boys she cherishes that she is able to work remotely from home. 

Each member brings a unique spark, a shared passion for progress, and a commitment to shaping the future of technology. We are very proud to have all of these individuals on our Team and are looking forward to creating the next generation of the platform together. 

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