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Find out how the UKB is reducing their ecological footprint? 

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In spring of 2022 the Cantonal Bank of Uri (UKB) published their Annual Report with a digital platform for the first time. We met up with Christoph Bugnon, CEO of the UKB and asked him about the project and how he plans to drive the digitalization process forward. Read an excerpt of the interview below, including reactions of the two project managers, Nadine Stäheli and Luzia Kasper, who both accompanied this exciting project. You can find the entire interview as a video at the end of this article.

Take a look – it’s worth it!


Why did the UKB decide to use a digital platform to create the annual report?

Christoph Bugnon: "The previous process was very labor-intensive and needed too many resources. Additionally, printed versions of annual reports are hardly, if even, asked for anymore. The ecological responsibility is very important to us as well. With all our operations we stive to be ecologically, economically and socially sustainable."


What has improved since the transformation/change?

Christoph Bugnon: "We were able to drive the digitalization process forward and increase efficiency left, right and center in order to save resources. Changes and edits can be made up to the point of publication which increases our flexibility substantially."

Nadine Stäheli: "With the digitalization of the reporting process the UKB was able to minimize internal and external loops and was thus able to work together more effectively. Reducing the error rate as well as the overall effort during the report generation."


What challenges did you face during the transformation? 

Christoph Bugnon: "The decision to move to a digital process of the annual report production was very short notice. With the successful implementation and training by MDD we were able to start with the production right away and never faced any insurmountable challenges."

Luzia Kasper: "The UKB team already worked independently during their first production. The training as well as our tips and tricks were very much appreciated by the involved employees, furthering the efficiency of the report production process." 


Christoph Bugnon answers further questions in the video. Watch it now. 

We would like thank the UKB for the interview. It is a pleasure to hear that by using our platform we make the clients’ reporting process more efficient, cost-effective, agile and sustainable.  MDD is very much looking forward to future projects with the UKB. 

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